Welcome to Map your Path

It is often thought that the only viable path to employment for people with disabilities runs through college. We call this the “College or bust” mentality. While we agree that college is the right path for many, we assert that there are numerous other ways people with disabilities can achieve their full potential.

Do you dread college but dream of starting your own business?

Do you want to enter the workforce after high school and work your way up the corporate ladder?

Do you want to stay at home with the kids and run a side business to supplement income?

Or do you want to map a path that is uniquely yours?

You can do it, and we can help.

Services at a glance

General life coaching
Gain tools and techniques to more confidently navigate various aspects of your life as a person with a disability.
Marketable Skills Coaching
Combine the things you’re best at and the things you’re most passionate about and find those skills which can be translated into employment or entrapreneurship

Vocational Rehabilitation Coaching

Learn the secrets to making the most out of your relationship with the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation

Find your Niche Personal Coaching
We are all inter-dependent. Find the people who can best help you achieve your goals
Health Equity Coaching
Learn to advocate for yourself to get the care you need.

The most successful people have coaches in their corners

You have come to the right place if you are ready to thrive. Here, you have a unique opportunity to claim your power as a disabled person. Society has told us we can’t have power or happiness; prestige or wealth, but we all know it’s not true. Non-disabled people have access to the best coaching money can buy, but these coaches are often ill equipped to address the unique challenges we face as people with disabilities, both as a result of the disabilities themselves and society’s constructs of them. Now it’s your turn. This is your space, designed with you in mind. And with the right coaching, the possibilities are infinite. The path is yours, so let’s map it.